How about interacting with your audience by online video

Do you have great content?

We can help you to use professional videos as a communication tool, online platforms as a broadcast environment, and social media to boost the audience and relationship with your target audience.

We are going to produce the first videos together. As soon as the online communication channels has a stock of conten, My Land’s team will train you or your staff to create and manage the content, always keeping in mind your budget, time availability, and goals.

Let’s professionally do that.

We are storytellers

Telling the stories of communities, businesses, and people

Stories are always around us. Our lives are a collection of touching experiences that lead to new stories every day. We have fun or go to tears with the stories of our friends and family. 

We read books and see movies that inspire us, making us reflect on ourselves. We all have a story to tell that motivates the people around us. Thus, we grow by stories.

Your audience wants to see something new and inspiring.

So, let us help you to show your stories 

What we can do for you


Corporate storytelling, online training, multimedia reports, and YouTube for business


Giving voice to your small community or NGO using video and social media

Educational Institutions

Bringing students and their families closer to the school, as well as attracting new students

Arts & Culture

Creating music videos and using social media to increase visibility

The faces behind our productions

We can build a customized solution for you or your business

Marcelo Vilhena


Claudia Antunes

Graphic Designer

Denis Nassar

Musician & Composer

My Land was born from the desire of a filmmaker, a composer, and a graphic designer to use artistic concepts to help artists, experts, communities, and businesses to tell their stories and show their ideas. Together we can take care of all phases of your production, be it a music video, online commercial or corporate video.

Do you want to boost your audience using professional video productions?

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