online marketing

We are a video production house focused on online solutions. My Land will develop or revitalize your online content as well as manage your social media platforms and website. Our content solutions are based on storytelling and education. You can trust us from the research to the results measurement.

People don’t go to social media to watch propaganda. Instead, they are looking for entertainment or education. So, the best way to engage your audience is by offering relevant content. 

how we work

1. Market research

2. Online solution planned for each reality.

3. Content development based on video production.

4. Social media platforms, video blogs, and websites management.

5. Result measurement based on CRM and route adjustments.


DIGITAL MARKETING – planning, content creation, platforms management, and resulting measure 

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT  – let us professionally produce your entire content for social media.

ONLINE VIDEO PRODUCTION – we develope your videos from the researching to the posting.

case studies


MyLand will stream your event and produce your video podcast for YouTube. We’ll then cut that footage into standalone posts and stories for Facebook and Instagram and pick some clips to tell your success stories on LinkedIn.

BOOST YOUR social media

Transform your YouTube channel into a video library, allowing you to describe what you have to offer by shareable links. It’s an excellent way to avoid having your message misunderstood or misinterpreted. 


Use your passion and expertise to start a conversation with your audience. With your ideas and our experience, we can create and grow your online community in no time.

some testimonies

VideoLab creates outstanding value! Very adaptable and collaboration is a pleasure. While a lot of their experience is with larger corporations, their understanding of small business and the needs / budgets of entrepreneurs results in open dialogue throughout. We have developed an ongoing relationship which I am confident will last for many years. Thank you VideoLab!

Ken McBean



They have a wonderful, professional and understanding team that works with you on all levels to create quality work that works for your business. We highly recommend, and will work with them again on other projects!


Amanda Camponi

Operations Manager

Covid has been tough on business and adapting with creative solution is what VideoLab has done for us. Adapting, reviewing, targeting and repeat allow us to go after a market and leverage ideas like their studio to hold blog posts, events and other tools to allow us to talk to several prospects through the videos on their time! Smart planning from VideoLab and we will continue to use the business approach ongoing.

Kelly Zwarych


VideoLab, formerly My Land production worked with my organization to produce videos that were captured during our environmental field program. I can confidently say that the production was of great quality. In addition to that Marcelo who worked with us directly was very knowledgeable in content production and did help to guard us on the right path.

Adi Isaac Adiele

Manager, Environment & Land Use Sustainability