In the first week of March, we have showcased our technology and product to the Americas & Europe markets during 2 virtual events, each with open question & answer periods. Each event was roughly 3 hours in length, and the agenda included:

  • Introduction to cycling aerodynamics
  • How the AeroPro works
  • Business case studies
  • Supporting regional sales
  • Pricing & features

For a better understanding of the symposium sections, please, watch the walkthrough videos below.

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EVERY WATT COUNTS (field test)

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ATTENTION: Because of the global shortage of microprocessors, there will be a limited release of sensors in 2021. Delivery is expected 6 weeks from order. So, we recommend you order your unit as soon as possible.

Fitter Symposium Sections

Watch below the summary video of each section


Q&A topics available

  • The company and the sensor
  • Crr calculation
  • Velodrome mode
  • Calibration
  • GPS model
  • Tyrewiz system interaction
  • iOS device
  • Cycling pace
  • Yaw results
  • Software Usability

test setup

Q&A topics available

  • Tips
  • Fitters role
  • Optimal distance
  • Turn around point
  • Traffic conditions
  • Data and wind conditions
  • Is a wind sensor needed?
  • Wind speed limit
  • How flat does the course need to be
  • Interference of side barriers
  •  Distance
  • Velodrome distance

app walkthrough

Q&A topics available

  • How to use
  • Cellphone coverage
  • Setting start and turnaround
  • GPS accuracy
  • Indications for the rider


Q&A topics available

  • Case studies
  • University validation
  • Break-even point
  • Device sharing
  • Data availability out of the lease
  • Fitters brand on the reports


Q&A topics available

  • The process
  • Is the training included in the lease?
  • Sensor availability
  • Biomechanics training
  • Fitters Fifty Program


Q&A topics available

  • The Lease model
  • Hardware upgrade
  • Charging customers
  • Maintenance
  • Is there a laptop version?
  • Reactivation fee

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