How Re-invented Technology is Changing Sport Performance

Our very first symposium was held virtually this year (via Zoom) and covered how real-world aerodynamics is shaping the future of human performance at the highest levels of competition. This is the first annual event we have planned, and it spanned approximately 5 hours. Guest speakers included Cervélo Cycles’ co-founder Phil White and Shimano Europe’s Marketing Officer Bert Roesems. Check out the highlights from the panel discussion and some insights from our panelists.

Symposium Introduction

With Steve Fleck (Moderator), Chris Morton (AeroLab), and Kelly Zwarych (AeroLab)

The event’s agenda

  • A recap of real-world aerodynamics’ past developments;
  • Discussing the evolution & future of real-world aerodynamics and how it will shape human performance in elite-level cycling, running, and automobile racing;
  • How engineering development can expand upon computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel data in the design, prototyping, and testing stages of equipment development.


Chris Morton

AeroLab Co-Founder & VP of Engineering

Bert Roesems

Shimano EU Sports Marketing Officer

Kelly Zwarych

AeroLab Co-Founder & CEO

Phill White

Co-founder of Cervélo Cycles

Jon Wiggins

AeroLab Senior Field Scientist

Final Thoughts

With Steve Fleck, Chris Morton, and Kelly Zwarych

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