If you are an artist or someone who has interesting content, we can work together...

Let's start your YouTube channel

Due to social media platforms' reach, it's fundamental for an artist or specialist to have a professional online presence.

Probably you already thought about creating your YouTube channel to raise contact with your audience.

Our strategy

Stock Video Creation

Regularity is essential to be successful on YouTube. So, to give you time to prepare new content by yourself, we will create a stock of professional videos to supply your channel each week.


We offer online or face-to-face coaching where you will learn the basics of how to turn your ideas into a script, to shoot your videos using equipment that fits into your budget, and to edit your videos professionally and quickly.

Optimization & Marketing

The last package step is channel optimization and design customization. We are going to develop a social media marketing strategy focused on your audience.

What we will create for you...

These first videos might be an introduction describing your channel, a series of interviews, music videos, concerts , classes or tips filmed in-studio, testimonials, and b-roll footage that will make your channel more attractive. You will learn by doing.

New Music Paths Webseries

The series will broadcast interviews with contemporary composers, musicians, bands, and chamber ensembles. We discuss collaborative music projects, host panels with musicians discussing cultural topics such as “What is Canadian music?”, and learn about some of their compositional techniques and concepts.. This channel is not committed to one genre, it is focused on sharing any interesting approaches to music being done today.

Training - Video Production & YouTube Marketing

During and after the video creating process, you will learn basic techniques to give a professional look to your videos. Also, we will suggest the minimum required equipment based on your available budget. Our training is customized for each client, but follows this basic methodology:

1 - Turning ideas into a script
2 - Writing your script and organizing your shooting days
3 - Filming your content
4 - Editing in a simple and effective way
5 - Channel Optimization and marketing by social media

People need to know that you exist

We will outline a plan to reach your audience via social media. We start together and gradually transfer knowledge so that you can manage your YouTube channel simply and effectively.