Online Training

Using a powerful authoring tool, we can create, develop, and deploy a customized online multimedia training.

Online Communication

Social media changed the way your clients and potential clients will whatch your videos.

Integrated Solutions

We develop multi-platform projects by using websites, landing pages, online libraries, and social media.

Multimedia Online Training

The company needs to appropriate to the technical knowledge and make it available to the workforce anywhere and 24/7 through a didactical tool.

We use audiovisual resources to transform standards and procedures into interactive training systems. We create a training methodology together with the client based on our 20 years of experience developing these tools.

We also offer training solutions using 360 videos.

When necessary, we can start the training together with the staff and transfer all knowledge needed for the company or institution to follow at its own pace.

A successful multimedia training program needs to have a proper standardization process, intelligent multimedia application, planned deployment, and tools to measure retention rates and learning curves.

Online Communication

Online communication is becoming increasingly common for companies and their clients. How about to start an online communication project using professional videos and all the potential of social media. We can create a customized plan focused on your business communication needs.

Web series - road bike and high tech

An online commercial that tells a story

Web series - education

Instead of a corporate video, a mini-documentary

For companies that want to internalize the content production, we can produce the first videos and provide training to enable professional content production, evaluating budget and time availability. We will also design a strategy to boost the audience using social media.

Nearly half of all marketers (48%) plan to add YouTube to their marketing strategy over the next 12 months.

One-third of total time online is spent watching videos, and YouTube has more than a billion active users. Why not take advantage of this reality establishing a constant and pleasant relationship with your potential audience?

multi-platform projects

My Land is also an online marketing company. All projects start in a planning phase, go through the tools' development, and finish training on how to get the most of each tool. Thus, we maximize our clients' investment in their communication actions and training programs.

An internal campaign based on a series of animations