Sustainable communication solutions for education

The goal is to use a YouTube channel and social media platforms to build a shared interest community.

The project has the potential to increase the interaction between schools and current students' families as well as reach potential new students.

Schools need to encourage community members to become part of the project as subscribers or even as video creators. People must have a belonging feeling regarding the project.

Some examples of videos produced along a project developed to Battle River School Division

Here people can see the division as a whole.
A specific video to communicate with potential international students
This video shows how the students deal with technology daily.
Here, students are talking about their experiences learning a second language.

In this kind of production, we film around 15 schools, interview about 20 students and educators, and produce more than 15 hours of raw footage.

We edit the first group of videos, making it possible for the schools to have a video stock to launch the channel.

The schools' staff can be trained to continue producing their own videos or even to offer a course of video production for students. When students are involved in the process, the project will be even stronger.

We create and implement strategies to boost the YouTube audience and website traffic using social media.

The Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools YouTube channel grew from 5 subscribers to 218 in just 15 days. After that, they still had a stock of videos to post.

This video shows a day at the division as well as interviews with teachers and principals.

As the videos tend to be viral, the schools can use the channel also to promote job opportunities.

Specific contents can be explored through the channel, and the video language opens many possibilities.

The students can film events with their smartphones and send the footage to be posted.

Teachers can also use the channel to communicate with their students.

Specific content and ideas can be explored through the channel, and the video language open many possibilities.

Communication campaigns using the channel can reach a huge number of people as families tend to be subscribers.

More videos on your website

How about a series of videos showing the infrastructure and concepts of a specific program.

We bring techniques and concepts from the motion picture world to show the successful stories of your students.

Here are some online videos that were created to showcase educational activities and events