June 2020 Virtual Roundtable Forum

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Technology within the Development and Humanitarian Space

Technology is creating change around the world, particularly at a time when how we work is changing in the face of COVID-19. But who ultimately benefits from the adoption of new technologies in development and humanitarian work? A webinar with Ali Kanji, MSc in Development Management, to discuss the role of technology in international development. We will explore trends in the impact of new technological tools on organizations and beneficiaries to inspire greater equity in the adoption and use of technology for development. Come ready to ask questions about the technological changes your organization may be considering to best serve your mission and your beneficiaries. 

About the speaker-Ali Kanji

Ali Kanji has a BA with Honours in Business Administration and an MSc in Development Management from the London School of Economics. He has a wide variety of experience in the technology industry, from digital product delivery to card systems analysis. Ali is involved with a variety of international development initiatives, including work on the impact of digital transformation with the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat, and Aga Khan Foundation Canada.

Lesley MacKinnon – Intro

 Important Questions

 Crowdsourced Data Mapping

Q1 – Technology in microlending

Q4 – Bridging the knowledge gap


Paul Bartel – Intro

Big Data

Drone and Satellite Imagery

 Q2 – Introducing technology and government resistance

Q5 – Policy development alongside technology

Ali Kanji Intro

Biometric Databases

Concluding Points

Q3 – Does the newness of the technology matter

Q6 – Educating ourselves about technology