Directions to your next online video campaign

Have a look and start thinking about what you might want your campaign to look like. Then get in touch, and we can talk about your reality.

Video Podcasts

Podcasts are an excellent way to become an influencer in your area. Put a face to the brand name while you connect with and educate people who want to know more about your products and services.

In-studio Episodes

In our studio, we can record your podcast with up to four participants. In addition to discussion-style, we can also produce product demonstrations and how-to videos.

On-line Episodes

If you have guests around the world, they will be more than welcome to participate. We can accommodate up to 10 people online talking with hosts and guests in the studio.

Outdoor Episodes

We don’t have to shoot all your episodes in the studio. So why not take it outside? Freshening things up with a change of scenery will keep people engaged with your podcast.

Getting the best from your interviewees

In this podcast, a musician interviews other musicians. You don’t have to be a professional host! We’ll coach you on keeping your interviewees engaged and getting the best content out of your conversations.

We’ll tell your story

In this episode of New Music Paths, you can see how we produce not only a podcast but transform the content into an adventure for the audience.

It’s not time consuming

Worried about spending days filming? This episode is part of a set of eight we recorded in just one day. On a weekly release schedule, that’s enough content for two months.

Video Libraries

A great way to get a library going is to break up interview footage into clips that cover different areas of your organization or frequently asked questions. Once you have some good explainers, you can share either the whole library or individual videos with clients.

Videos to be used by your staff

Sometimes, it’s best to leave it to the specialists to break down complex subjects. Before your team meets with potential clients, arm them with a series of high-quality videos that explain things in just the right way.

Your Client is your best seller

Word of mouth is a boon for any business. A curated video library might be the easiest way for a satisfied client to sell their friends, colleagues and family on your business.

Client’s awareness

It’s not difficult to explain the uniqueness of your work to people who understand the ideas behind them. The video library helps to improve the general audience’s perception of what concepts are behind your products and services.

Personal experiences

In this video, the process the interviewee describes is significantly associated with his experiences. This isn’t just about common business practice, but about personal involvement. It’s difficult for staff members to express others’ experiences.

Clear and Accurate Information

Imagine how difficult it might be for a staff member to accurately explain something like, in the case of this video, a knowledge measurement process. Instead, you can send a video snippet that gets it right every time and clarifies things, making it easier to open the conversation with potential clients.

We take care of everything

1 – Prepare the scripts for the interviews.

2 – Choose the best place to film.

3 – Record all the interviews with key team members.

4 – Edit and cut the interviews into sections and snippets.

5 – Create your YouTube channel.

6 – Embed the library into your website.

7 – Post the main videos and cuts on social media platforms.

Social Videos and Teasers

We will professionally film at your space or in our Kensington studio and produce a series of short videos optimized for social media posts and stories, along with a set of great pictures.

Videos for your Instagram

Instagram is a fully visual platform, and people are always scrolling through their feed. Catch their eyes with professionally filmed and edited videos optimized to stand out in an Instagram feed. Plus, you’ll get a set of great pictures from the shoot.

Cuts for episodes

After we edit each episode, we create cuts like this for your social media. These snippets will grow your audience on all platforms, connecting you with followers and helping you build a community online.

Corporate Video Teaser

When developing a corporate video, we also create a set of teasers for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. These teasers respect some “scrolling rules” on social media, cut to make a powerful impact in a short period of time.

Event Teaser

When we produce an online event, we start with an event teaser, then handle participants registration, live stream the event from our studio, and finish by editing the content into sections and snippets you can use to build up your video library.

Vertical Videos

We render cuts for social media in vertical, square and horizontal formats, making sure the content fits any platform. When producing videos for social media, the creative team needs to know how to explore these possibilities.

Online Campaings

In just one or two days of filming, we can produce brolls and interviews that might be enough for a whole season of posting on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The most important it’s excellent planning.

Same product with different approaches – Ad #1

This ad is part of a YouTube campaign where we used different approaches for the same product. The idea is to use each ad to test responses from specific audiences. In a project like that, we get a lot of insight into your audience segment.

Same product with different approaches – Ad #2

Although talking about the same product, this video focuses on a different audience from ad #1. We compare the performance of both campaigns to improve future ads, maximizing your investment in new online campaigns.

A smart way to explore your uniqueness

This video highlights specific aspects of a Veterinary Clinic. If your goal is an online campaign, you should create 4 to 6 quick, 2-minute videos rather than an 8-minute long production. This way, you can launch a new campaign each week and compare their results.

Creativity is the key

We developed this ad in less them two days and quite affordable. The strategy was to reduce time and costs by producing almost all footage in the studio and complete with stock footage.

Going beyond a how-to video

This ad was developed in less than three days and the production was quite affordable. The key strategy here was to reduce time and costs by producing nearly all footage in our studio and finishing it off with stock footage.

Corporate and Technical Videos

Corporate and technical videos need to tell a story and incorporate the audience’s mood. Most of these videos were developed for websites or YouTube channels and had teasers and snippets for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

An Innovative Product

Here we don’t just show off a unique product, we also dig into what makes it special.

Documentary Style

Productions that focus on storytelling have a higher retention rate.

YouTube Channel as a Communication Tool

This is part of a project we developed in partnership with a local school division. We created a content plan and transformed the YouTube channel into a communication tool — not just for students and staff, but for parents and other members of the school community.

Video Report

This is a video report about a field training activity. It’s a great way to show managers and other stakeholders how things happen in the field. Click the link below to see an interactive training video:


 This was a project to encourage staff to use a new intranet management system. We created a series of skits to show how the system can help with even complex tasks that are common occurrences at this workplace.