VIDEO 1 – Production from 2015 filmed with a Canon 5D with a pair of primary lenses. I didn’t have too much money for more than that. The video was edited at Sony Vegas (sorry about that) and had no colour grade. I’ll comment more about this video later on…

VIDEO 2 – The video script was created with the client, but we changed a lot over the researching process to understand the client’s market. However, when we went to film with a Sony A7III and a Blackmagic 4K, the script was aligned with their digital marketing strategies. This video, now edited and colour graded with the amazing Final Cut Pro X, is one example of why it is fundamental at least an overview of the digital marketing to script, film, and edit aligned with marketing goals. 2020 production.

February 2022

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Video and Digital Marketing


Here I’ll share some experiences after more than 25 years dealing with video production, training, and most recently, digital marketing. My goal is not to sell something to someone but to exchange experiences, solve problems, create relationships, and register thoughts on my areas of expertise.

After more than 15 years of using video in training and communication, when finishing my three-year degree in Motion Picture Arts- yes, I worked before I studied – I quit college not thinking about working on a super production. I learned early that this wasn’t for me. 

My idea was to connect previous communication experiences learned from my clients with what I have discovered at school and the digital marketing that was already a reality. So, my digital marketing approach is from a video producer who understands the cinema language enough to know that clients would never wait for a cinematography production. Then, I decided to use my academic knowledge to spice up my clients’ productions. 

The result you can see in these two videos. I think it worked since someone paid me for that, and they seemed very happy. Are there mistakes? For sure! Are there parts I hate? For sure! But I believe that the strengths were more significant than weaknesses. I’ll talk about these productions in detail later on, but they are here to illustrate what I’m talking about in this intro.

First video social media teaser

Second video social media teaser

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coming soon...

YouTube beyond the adsense

what you will see here

The next post will be about my experience using YouTube channels as marketing tools. What I have learned from my experiences managing two tech channels, educational communities, a channel maintained by grants, and channels for artists. You will see the client’s beliefs that make and don’t make sense, why some projects were successful and, most importantly, my mistakes and clients’ mistakes in projects that went wrong. Leave your question below, and I’ll approach them.

February 2022

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