Content Marketing

The project was based on a funnel strategy to reach Christian students and their families and bring them to schedule a visit with the admission department. In this context, my idea was to use content produced in partnership with program directors able to attract students, showing sports and adventures delivered by some programs as well as Christian content to show parents and students the academic quality. What is unique about this project is that students can taste what they will learn and start a relationship with their professors. Since education is a long-term job and sometimes expensive, sales are preceded by creating relationships.

Facebook: top of the funnel. Here we try to attract parents and alums to the college website. Since Prairie College is centenarian, many alums can be reached just by Facebook.

YouTube channel: it’s used to reach students and try to make content viral by them. There is also a strategy to bring people out of the College bubble by YouTube and Google.

LinkedIn: platform used to reach alums.
Instagram: platform dedicated to current students and, by boosting posts, to reach potential students out of the College bubble.

Website: the program pages work as the end of the funnel. The website is also a repository of over 50 videos developed for all 14 programs. At the end of this process, which lasted over 6 months, the college got stock with 120 teasers about all programs ready to use on social media to attract students and their parents to the website. That means they don’t need to worry about content production for a long time, allowing them to be regular.

the new website will be avaliable in march

the website has more than 50 videos divided into playlists and pages

Stock Video

Field interview with students

video produced in their hangar

Classes in studio

Video podcast in studio

Performances and Interviews

subscribers jumped from 700 to 1100 in 3 months

YouTube Channel

Jazz event covered for the Songwriting and Recording Program. I used one student as a reporter to bring the student’s mood to the coverage.

The staff is commenting about an event that happened. The challenge was to make people who don’t have the habit of being in front of a camera look natural.

Keeping the communit uptodate

Other Social Media Platforms

Social media was used to keep current students, alums, and parents always informed about everything that is happening in the college. Posts are also boosted to reach people outside of their bubbles. The campaigns vary according to the platform because they are getting different audiences on each.