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I’m a storyteller (video producer and photographer) and digital engagement specialist with +25 years of experience developing multimedia and online marketing solutions for clients in Brazil and Canada.

In Brazil, where I worked for the most significant country companies in mining, construction, and steel mill, I developed more than 200 productions for communication and educational purposes. Working as a researcher, director, videographer, photographer, editor, and colourist, I faced challenges that made me understand each video production phase. My experience with interactive language precedes the Internet.

In 2014, I moved to Alberta to face new challenges. In 2015 went to Red Deer College and focused on Motion Picture Arts Program, graduating in 2017. While studying, I worked as a volunteer at Shaw TV Red Deer to understand better the Canadian broadcast market. After graduation, I opened My Land Production in Calgary to develop artistic and business productions. In 2021 I started at Prairie College as Digital Marketing Director. Below you can see online ads, YouTube channels, and web series produced along with my career in Canada for educational institutions, business from many areas, First Nation communities, and musicians. It’s also available some online marketing case studies I managed in the last four years.


– Management experience.
– Excellence in creating client-oriented solutions.
– Editor: Davinci Resolve, Premiere, and FCPX.
– Colourist: Resolve and FCPX.
– Web desing: Articulate 360 and WordPress/Elementor.
– Graphic Design: Photoshop and Canva.
– Videographer: DSLR, mirrorless, ENG, and cinema cameras.
– Photographer: DSLR and mirrorless cameras.
– Dolly, jib, gimbal, and Steadicam operation.
– Advanced knowledge of lighting and sound.
– English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Content Marketing Projects

Prairie College - Digital Marketing Director

As a Director of Digital Marketing at Prairie College, I  created and implemented a complete content marketing project, including social media and website revitalization. 

The goal was to develop a funnel strategy connecting the College with potential students. My job was to design, set up, and operate a studio to produce content, create and implement a content marketing project focusing on the College programs, produce videos and photos for social media, cover events, develop the new website, and coordinate online advertising strategies.

Aerolab Tech - Website and Social Media Manager

Over two years, I planned and developed a complete Internet Marketing solution by revitalizing social media platforms and the company’s website. 

The goal was to hit Europe’s professional road cycle teams during the pandemic. My job was to create and implement the online project, develop all videos (filming and editing), create all posts for social media platforms, implement and operate solutions for live streaming, direct the website design, and create and implement training tools for post-sales.

My Land Productions - Video Production House

I moved to Calgary and started a video production house when I graduated. Over three years, I invested more than 80K in studio and field video production infrastructure. Almost all productions from my portfolio were produced using my equipment.

Cultural Project Granted by Alberta Government

I got a grant from Alberta Foundation for the Arts to develop the New Music Paths project second season. I also designed and developed the project website and all social media marketing.

Video Library - Project Manager

I managed this project with the company communication area, developed all videos, and integrated them into their website.

Social Media Videos (studio and field)

Event Covering and YouTube Channels

Corporate and Technical Videos

Photo Portfolio


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