What Will Be Your Legacy?

Maximizing the value of your legacy isn’t just about money, it’s about all the value you’ve created, economic, emotional, social, environmental, ethical, etc…

You’ve put your life into your business, what do you want as your legacy?

  • Maximize the financial value of your exit
  • A sustainable business for your people
  • Financial legacy for your family
  • Economic legacy for your community
  • Know you’ve made a difference

What We Are All About

What Is MExit?

MExit™ is designed to empower business owners (particularly Boomers) to have the legacy they want, and to extract the most value when they exit their businesses.

  • Prepares the business for maximum extractable value before the deal.
  • Identifies & acts on the best scenario sale opportunity.
  • Ensure it is structured for optimum tax efficiency. 
  • Creates the conditions for continued sustainable operations once they are no longer at the helm.

Our First Season Guests

Iggy Domagalski

CEO at Tundra Process Solutions

Kenneth Keung

Director at Moodys Tax Law LLP

Jeremy Hayward

President at Solüt

Elizabeth MacRae

Co-Founder – President, Certified Exit Planner

John Higgins

CEO / Director / Coach / Mentor

Milt Tsiapalits

Principal at TWD

Mitchell Lobb

Zelos Capital Ltd.

Brittney Ramsay, Dayna Morgan, and Breanne Ramsay

BRITT Land and Engagement

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