Digital Marketing Project

MYLAND worked on this project for over two years. After understanding the client’s context and marketing needs through a research process, the project was structured in five layers:

1. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn: posts and teasers worked as arms to capture potential clients on social media.

2. YouTube channel: educational content that made it viable for the client to create a community of subscribers around their expertise.

3. Online event: live connexion between the company and their subscribers.

4. Website: the strategy final layer, where clients can research more about what they want and buy the company’s products.

5. Training System: post sales system that offers training for clients. 

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts

YouTube Channel

The second season was recorded outdoor in one week, and ten episodes were produced and broadcast during three months.

The first season was recorded in the studio and following the format of a podcast.

Online Event

We designed two online events for European and American audiences with guests and hosts in different places across Canada.

Online Training

Closing the online strategy, we developed a training system and certification process for clients who purchased the client’s products.